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Drapes are a classic window furnishing option, the choice of fabric is endless. Drapes can be finished in a few different ways including pinch pleat, gathered, grommet top, and S-Fold to cater to every style from formal to informal and somewhere in-between. Drapes offer great thermal benefits to the home along with a soft and homely look.


Sheers are a very popular option to add softness to your home. Sheers and lace have been in homes for years, allowing daylight through but providing privacy and style. The fabric options for sheers has grown hugely with many modern colours and designs available to suit any home.


Pelmets are a fantastic way of completing the look of any window whether it is classic or modern in design. Pelmets also offer a thermal benefits along with concealing any fixtures such as tracks or roller blinds. We have a range of shapes and styles to choose from including Bonded Pelmets which compliment products such as roller blinds and drapes. There is a large selection of fabrics to choose from in-store. Padded pelmets come in range of shapes and styles, they can have a decorative finish with piping added to the edges for a more classic finish.


Swags and Tails

Swags and tails are a custom made product for the individual taste. Swags and tails are usually draped over the top of a pelmet or pole to create a more elegant look. The tail is the vertical drop of fabric, which adds length to the window dressing. Swags and tails are purely aesthetic elements, which work alongside the practical curtain. Swags and tails can definitely make the ultimate statement.


Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are a casual yet stylish design and are suitable for most applications. Our extensive fabric selections consists of sheer, translucent and blockout to cover all applications. Classic romans have stitched batten pockets at the rear of the blind so they are not visible and shows off the fabric to enhance your home with style and class. Bali Romans are still a casual roman design except they have exposed timber battens at the front and back, which allows you to incorporate a selection of colours to suit any interior. Bali eliminates pin holes and minimises puckering. Aluminium battens replace stitched pockets to eliminate any pin holes where stitch lines appear such as with the classic style romans, they also generate stability across the face of the fabric which minimises any puckering that may appear. Operation of roman blinds use a cord and cleat tie off, however can be upgraded to a one touch chain drive or motorisation.


Timber Blinds

New York 50mm and 63mm is an alternative to timber which consists of 100% polystyrene. Using a manufacturing process that makes the slats more rigid and durable, this attractive wood grain effect blind provides the look of wood at an affordable price. The slats are resistant to heat and humidity and UV protected, they will resist warping, chipping and cracking. With a choice of two slat widths, 50mm and 63mm and attractive matching valance, and a wide range of modern colours.



Basswood has become one of the most widely used materials for shutters in the global market. This is due to its resistance to warping, easy workability, durability, and its acceptance of a variety of finishes. Basswood shutters are manufactured for indoors only, and are not recommended for wet areas. Fauxwood is extruded using a foam wood material, and has been developed to make shutters suitable for wet areas such as bathrooms and above kitchen sinks. Our Fauxwood is a solid product and uses the same painted and grained finishes as our Basswood range. Aluminium reinforcement is used in the stiles to reduce weight and increase the strength of the shutters. Fauxwood shutters are termite and fire resistant. Whilst Fauxwood shutters are suitable for wet areas, they are not recommended for outdoor use.


Holland Blinds

Holland blinds are the most used blind. They are very versatile and available in a wide range of fabrics including translucent, blockout, and screen options. There are a number of different styles and fabric options available as well as set up options to choose from. The choices are endless, including options to have the operation spring, chain, dual, linked, cassette and motorisation.


Honeycomb Blinds

Honeycomb blinds offer practical window furnishing solutions with a contemporary look that also provides efficient insulation. Available in a fashionable range of colours in single and double cell with translucent and blockout options. Honeycombs are durable, easy care and reduce heat loss and gain with cellular design that creates pockets of stationary air that act as insulators. They stop up to 99% of UV rays and helps protect carpets and furniture from fading. Honeycomb blinds are either non-woven polyester or woven polyester that will not fray or fade. The white backing facing outwards provides a clean uniform appearance from the outside.


Venetian Blinds

25mm Slimline Venetian controls the light in style, while maintaining heat and protection. Venetians offer a dual feature by being able to block out light completely or direct the light by tilting the blades. We offer an impressive modern colour range including metallic, silvers, creams and whites.


Vertical Blinds

Verticals are a simple and low budget blind commonly used for investment properties and rentals. They have ultimate light control with the ability to tilt slats into the desired position from room darkening to maximum view. Slats are available in both 89mm and 127mm to cater for all windows. The weights at the bottom can be with or without chains.


Panel Blinds

Panel blinds are an ideal solution for covering large expanses of windows, including bi-fold and sliding doors. The panel glide system is both decorative and functional, adding a touch of elegance to any room. Available in many colour tones and styles, the panel glide system also offers multiple panel widths to suit any purpose. Large selections of fabrics are available including sheers, translucent and blockout. The panel blind can be of a wand or cord control. The wand allows the panels to guide gently across the track. The cord control gives you the option of centre close and one way draw making the panel blind a versatile window furnishing solution.



The most common outside blind is the traditional sunblind. The sunblind operates on guides, allowing the blind to be easily adjusted to any height. Sunblinds are available in a range of arm lengths to suit any style of home or application. Available in mesh and canvas fabrics.


Fixed Guide Blinds

The fixed guide awning is most ideal for upper storey applications. The awnings operate on guide bars which are permanently fixed. This blind lends itself particularly well to motorisation which allows you to move your awnings up and down with the ease and convenience of just pressing a button. Available in mesh and canvas fabrics.


Ziptrak® Blinds

Ziptrak is the best track guided blind system on the market. Specially designed tracks on both sides of the blind enable the fabric to glide smoothly and easily, stopping anywhere you like. The blind can also be secured and locked in the down position to guard against high winds, no zips or buckles required. Available in manual or motorised geared styles, Ziptrak® Blinds are available in mesh, clear and tinted plastic.


Geared Straight Drop Blinds

Geared Straight Drop Blinds are the ideal option to cover in verandahs, patios and pergolas. Operated by a gear box and crank handle, with anchor points at the bottom of the blind allowing it to be secured. These blinds are available in mesh, canvas and clear or tinted PVC. Geared straight drop blinds protect outdoor entertaining areas from the elements creating an extra room in the home.



Recovers are new skins for your existing outside blinds. Sometimes all they need is an update to replace a damaged skin or style and colour change to bring a whole new look to your home.


Custom-made drapes, curtains and blinds       FREE MEASURE AND QUOTE       (03) 5799 2801